DFS in California 2021

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Daily fantasy sports in California are as popular as they have ever been. This is especially true in California which is the home of over 120,000 daily fantasy GMs.

Many authorities classify daily fantasy sports as a game of skill. As such, DFS sites in various regions aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations that sportsbooks are.

However, it will remain illegal until a bill is passed and signed off on. On the other hand, playing fantasy sports is perfectly legal thanks to the Internet Fantasy Sports Games Consumer Protection Act. Read on to find out more and learn how to DFS.

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports – How Does it Work?

With traditional fantasy sports, competitors usually draft their teams before the season starts. Then, they engage in head-to-head battles against the other fantasy GMs in their league. The game’s outcome is decided by which team accumulates the most fantasy points.

Every player on your team earns fantasy points based on their actual performance. Your goal is to win as many regular-season fantasy games as possible before embarking on a successful championship run.

In most NFL fantasy leagues, quarterbacks earn points for passing yards, rushing yards, and touchdowns among other things. Other offensive players accumulate points for rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns, while kickers earn points for field goals and point-after conversions.

NFL fantasy GMs also pick a team’s defense which gains points for performing defensive feats such as sacks, interceptions, and forced fumbles. The same idea applies to other fantasy sports.

Daily fantasy sports are almost the same as seasonal fantasy leagues. The main difference is that a DFS league usually only lasts one day. Players often compete against multiple opponents in leagues of varying sizes.

It could be a 6-team, 10- team, or 12-team league. It could also be a multiplayer tournament with 10,000 entrants. Buy-in also ranges. Beginners should stick to freerolls and leagues with lower entry fees until they have some experience. Generally speaking, the competition gets a lot stiffer as the buy-in rises.

CA Fantasy Sports Basics

Fantasy players must develop an effective daily fantasy strategy if they want to find long-term success. Most DFS sites give you a certain amount of fantasy cash to build your team with. For example, let’s say you want to draft an NHL fantasy team and you have $50,000 to work with.

You’ll probably have to draft two centers, three wingers, a pair of defensemen, a utility player, and a goalie. That’s nine players with an average cap hit of about $5,500. Drafting a superstar like Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby could cost you over $10,000, which is 20% of your salary cap. On the flip side, a third or fourth liner might only cost you a couple thousand.

Because the salary cap structure makes it impossible to load your team with superstars, you must learn how to find value in lower-tiered and cheaper players. This is where your DFS strategy requires a bit of work. Hitting a home run with a bargain player is often the difference between winning and losing.

There is also a great sense of personal satisfaction when you correctly predict a breakout performance from a plumber. Of course, it’s a letdown when your high priced talent puts up a goose egg. No matter what sport you’re playing, a successful daily fantasy strategy involves studying the players and their opponents.

Streaks, recent performance, trends, and individual matchups are just a few things you need to know. There are plenty of sites that are dedicated to providing helpful daily fantasy advice. Use them.

Different Types of Fantasy Leagues to Play

Fantasy players need to decide what type of sports team they want to draft before entering a DFS contest. The best online fantasy sports sites offer:

  • NFL/NCAA Football
  • NBA/NCAA Basketball
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Soccer
  • WNBA
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • eSports

Types of DFS Contests

Players enter the tournament lobby after selecting a sport. From there, they choose their preferred tournament format and buy-in amount. DFS sites offer a range of tournament options.

  • Featured Tournaments: Fantasy GM’s love to compete in these tournaments which often draw thousands of entrants and boast some of the biggest payouts. With so much competition, doing your homework and getting informed, daily fantasy advice are critical components of an effective daily fantasy strategy.
  • Heads Up: Put your fantasy skills to the test in a one-on-one battle.
  • League: Just like Sit & Go poker tournaments, fantasy leagues pit one GM against a limited field of competitors. You could choose a 4-team, a 12-team league, or anything in between. By-ins range from mere pennies to a few thousand dollars.
  • Multipliers: These contests are perfect for beginners. In 50-50s, or double-ups, GMs need only finish in the top 50% of the field to double their buy-in. In a triple up contest, entrants triple their buy-ins when they finish in the top 3rd. The same logic applies to quadruple ups and any other multiplier contests.
  • Satellites and Qualifiers: Is a steep entrance fee preventing you from entering a featured tournament? Why not win a ticket into it? The top DFS sites run a series of satellite tournaments and qualifiers that lead to larger tournaments and bigger cash prizes.

Best California DFS Sites

Californian fantasy GMs have a lot of great fantasy sports sites to choose from. As tempting as they are, experienced fantasy fans look beyond the flashy welcome bonuses to find out if a site is legitimate. At the very least, a savvy person should make sure their DFS site has a proper license.

A basic Google search will quickly reveal whether a site has a good reputation or if it should be steered clear of. There is a plethora of daily fantasy advice sites that objectively rate and review DFS operators. They are immensely helpful to any player who strives to hone their daily fantasy strategy.

Here are three excellent options for Californians, or any other fantasy buffs who live in regions where DFS is legal.


A pioneer in the rise of fantasy sports, FanDuel remains a star player within the fantasy sports scene. Not only that, but FanDuel is now a major sportsbook in several states. The site offers a full range of contest types, buy-ins, and payout structures.

Aside from the “Big Four” American sports, players can choose from a variety of other sports including soccer, tennis, and college football. FanDuel, which has paid out over $4.5 billion in cash prizes, is currently offering a $5 bonus to new players who make their first deposit.

Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight knows how to DFS. They give you plenty of fantasy sports action with a unique spin. Unlike standard DFS leagues in which players earn fantasy points, fantasy GMs at Monkey Knife Fight must bet on whether a player will reach a certain benchmark in the game.

You can increase or decrease the player’s set goal which, in turn, affects the potential payout. Let’s say you select Aaron Rodgers to pass for more than the set total of 250.5 yards. You could raise the set total 350.5 yards. The potential payout rises as the target gets loftier.

How To Get Started Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of how to DFS. However, it will take some time and a lot of focus to learn how to DFS like a boss. The first step toward becoming a legendary fantasy GM begins with signing up at a reputable DFS site.

This step takes only a few seconds and requires you to provide some basic information such as name, email address, DOB, and a portion of your SSN. You may also be asked to verify your email address.

You can make your first deposit once your account is activated. Some sites have a “Deposit” button at the top of the main page, while others require you to go into the banking section of your account. Select the “Deposit” link and then choose which payment method you’ll use.

Online DFS sites give players plenty of payment processors to choose from, including major credit/debit cards, eWallets, and online bank transfers. Make sure you take advantage of any welcome bonuses and other promotions

Now it gets exciting! Scroll through upcoming contests, or head straight to your desired sport and find one that fits your personal and budgetary preferences. Get ready to implement your daily fantasy strategy.

Always check the latest daily fantasy advice sites to make sure the player you want to pick is actually playing. This is particularly important with goaltenders in fantasy hockey. You don’t want to draft a star goalie only to find out too late that the backup is getting the nod.

As mentioned, you should pay attention to hot and cold streaks, injuries, and individual matchups. Some players seem to really excel against certain opponents. Conversely, even star players are prone to being shut down by specific teams.

Go with your gut, side with the statistics, or ride the tails of a trend. Either way, justify every pick you make. Once you have drafted and submitted your fantasy team, watch the points pile up in real-time on your desktop or mobile device.

In closing, having fun is the most important thing about daily fantasy sports. Those who know how to DFS can enjoy this entertaining pastime year-round. As long as there’s a game on the schedule, there’s fantasy sports action to be had.