Breeders Cup Santa Anita 2019

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In 2019, California hosted the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita Park, Arcadia. We hope that this guide can take you through the key Breeders Cup entries in the 2019 edition.

Horse Racing betting is one of the only allowed online gambling options in California, so if you’re planning to get in on the action, check out our guide.

Breeders Cup Santa Anita Entries 2019

In total, there is a maximum of 14 Breeders Cup horses which are allowed to compete in the Breeders Classic. Breeders Cup contenders are selected through a combination of past performance in ranking events, as well as by the Breeders Cup panel. The favorites this year is the deadly combination of Accelerate and Joel Rosario, who have performed strongly this season. Here’s a list of the Breeders Cup contenders for the 2019 edition.

Breeders Cup HorsesJockeyBreeders Cup Odds to Win
Code of HonorJohn Velazquez4-1
Omaha BeachTBA10-1
Midnight BisouMike Smith10-1
ElateJose Ortiz12-1
Higher PowerFlavien Prat14-1
TacitusJose L. Ortiz14-1
PreservationistJunior AlvaradoTBA
Maximum SecurityLuis SaezTBA
Yoshida (JPN)Joel RosarioTBA
Vino RossoJohn R. VelazquezTBA
Seeking the SoulJohn VelazquezTBA

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breeders cup santa anita

About the Breeders Cup

The Breeders Cup began in 1984, and has consistently expanded to include new races and entries from around the world. This event now accounts for around $30 million worth of prize money, which is split between winners and losers across all races.

The main attraction for Breeders Cup entries is the Breeders Classic, which is the oldest and most prestigious of the races on display. The Cup began with this race and has since expanded to include the Breeders Turf and Breeders Mile races, which have also gained significance as premier events in the horse racing calender. This year’s event is to take place in the Santa Anita Park in California, which is the space with the largest previous turnout for the event.

Breeders Cup 2019 Rules

The rules for the race are varied, and reflect a need to make sure that the event maintains the quality that it exudes. Horses are all required to be thoroughbreds, Grade 1 horses for the Classic and must be over the age of 3 to enter. For the other races which make up the Breeders Cup 2019, there are some different requirements, for instance in the Juvenile categories where the entrant age for horses is younger.

In the Classic, the event is held on a dirt track for a length of 1 ¼ miles. This is the same no matter where the event takes place. The number of Breeders Cup horses which can enter, however, is dependent on venue, with certain tracks being narrower. The maximum amount which can compete is 14, and the minimum is 12. The selection process for Breeders Cup entries includes past performances in points and championship events. It also involves decision making by the Breeders Cup panel, which also helps to determine which Breeders Cup contenders get in.

Prize Money

In total, there is around $30 million on offer across all races which make up the Breeders Cup. The Classic accounts for $6 million of this, being the most prestigious race of the day. The winner of the Classic is awarded $3.3 million, which represents one of the highest top prizes of horse racing globaly. As well as the Classic, other events like the Mile and Turf have their own prestige, also being premier races in the calendar. These races also carry large prize pools, which riders compete for in order to take home a share of the winnings.  

Breeders Cup Santa Anita Odds

There are many different ways for you to bet on the Breeders Cup 2019. You can get Breeders Cup Odds from a variety of different sources, whether that be online or directly at a betting shop. In order to understand exactly what’s on offer, here’s a quick explanation of the typical Breeders Cup odds which you will be able to bet on.

Outright Winner

The simplest way for you to bet on the event, is to select a Breeders Cup Horse as the outright winner for a race. This means that you will only get paid out if the horse that you select wins. This is one of the most popular types of bet available, representing a high risk, but high reward approach to betting on Breeders Cup entries.

Place Bet

If you fancy giving yourself a little bit more room, trading some potential winnings for a bit more security, then a Place Bet might be more for you. This bet pays out when a horse either wins or places second. This has a lower payout than an outright winner bet, but can offer slightly better value.

Show Bet

A Show bet is pretty much as you would guess it. Place a bet and if your horse finished first, second or third out of all the Breeders Cup Entries, then you’re bet will win.


Exacta bets are some of the riskiest and in turn rewarding bets which are available. Bet on either the top two or top three horses. This bet sees you bet on say 2 horses, and if they place 1 and 2, then your bet will win. We would recommend this type of bet for experienced horse racing bettors, who have some understanding of past performance and likely outcome

Breeders Cup Santa Anita Guide Summary

We hope that this guide has given you the low-down on all the Breeders Cup entries for this year. Always make sure that you play the market, and get a sense of what is available before placing bets. We look forward to seeing who will win the Breeders Cup 2019.